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Name in Japanese 国引 ちとせ
Rōmaji Translation Kunitani Chitose
Appears in Tactics, Zanbatsu
Voice Actor (Japanese) Sakura Andou
Character Design Shitora
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 14
Birthday November 12
Hometown Shimane Prefecture
Height 153 cm
Vital Stats 78/56/79
Favorite Food Sweets (Dango especially)
Sealing Tool Dōken, Dōtaku (bronze bell-shaped vessel), Magatama
Designated Misaki Fu-san

Chitose Kunibiki is the magical girl representative of Shimane Prefecture, accompanied by her misaki, Fu-san. Her voice actress is Sakura Andou.

She was designed by ___.



Chitose is fair-skinned with reddish eyes and long, white hair worn loose with a small amount pulled into a looped ponytail on each side of her head.

Her outfit is composed of a white top with orange ribbon and accents of orange, grey, and pale gold. Around her neck is a green accessory, while below each shoulder is a silver band. Her skirt is a peach pleat with a shorter, ruffled layer on top of it. On her hip is a bell with a small red ribbon and a keychain with four small green magatama and two beige tassles. Her shoes are black sandals with a wrapping so far up her leg, while a few inches above each knee is a green glowing band to match her necklace. A white ribbon is tied on her back, and on each wrist is an orange and white cuff accessory covering the top of her hand.




Character DesignEdit

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