Name in Japanese 鹿地 隼芽
Rōmaji Translation Kaji Hayame
Appears in Tactics, Zanbatsu
Voice Actor (Japanese) Chinatsu Akasaki
Character Design Hibiki Kariya
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 15
Birthday May 25
Hometown Kagoshima Prefecture
Height 155 cm
Vital Stats 77/57/76
Favorite Food Chicken rice, Jumbo mochi
Sealing Tool Satsuma biwa
Designated Misaki Tengane

Hayame Kaji (鹿地 隼芽, Kaji Hayame) / Hayame (ハヤメ, Hayame) is a magical girl who represents Kagoshima Prefecture. Her misaki is Tengane, and she is voiced by Chinatsu Akasaki.



Hayame is a fair-skinned girl with long flowing white hair pulled into a ponytail with a floral ornament to the side. She has short bangs and long, braided forelocks that reach her stomach. She has blue eyes and thick white eyebrows.

She wears a red top partially covering the left of her torso and arm. On her right arm is a black and brown sleeve, while tied around her neck is a long, dull gold scarf. She wears black pants and a pair of loose boots with straps tied around the cuff.




Character DesignEdit