Name in Japanese 一岐ひだり&みのり
Rōmaji Translation Ichiki Hidari & Minori
Appears in Tactics
Character Design Healing
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 14
Birthday March 12
Hometown Gifu Prefecture
Height 144 cm
Vital Stats 74/58/75
Favorite Food Milk pudding
Sealing Tool Hidari: Magical☆Fan

Minori: Magical☆Sho Bottle

Designated Misaki Hana Ushimaru

Hidari and Minori Ichiki are a pair of twin Magical Girls representing Gifu Prefecture. They are voiced by ___, and they share a misaki, Hanaushimaru.



As twins, the pair share a colorscheme and appearance. They are both fair skinned with short, pale-colored hair worn in pigtails; one wears her hair straight with tiny pink ornaments, while the other has curly hair worn with pink bows. One twin has her eyes opened, revealing them to be pale pink, while the other has her eyes shut but has noticeably thick eyebrows. They also both wear a brown cap. One has two points with a plain fringe, adorned with pink flowers and a single bow on each side of the head. The other has a tulle fringe with a large rose hair ornament on the side of her head.

Both twins wear a white asian top with large sleeves held by dark pink string. One twin wears a dark brown vest, while the other wears a dark brown jacket; both of which have straps hanging from them. They both also wear a short frilled skirt, but around their chest the material is different in color; one wears pale pink while the other has beige. One twin wears a pair of white frilled pants to match her top, along with black sandals held by dark pink toe-straps and white wing-shaped anklets. The other twin wears the same shoes, but no pants and a pair of white leg warmers. 




Character DesignEdit