Name in Japanese 淡海 きのえ
Rōmaji Translation Oumi Kinoe
Appears in Tactics, Zanbatsu
Voice Actor (Japanese) Saika Ogura
Character Design Soyoko Shikama
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 16
Birthday January 6
Hometown Shiga Prefecture
Height 152 cm
Vital Stats 70/60/80
Favorite Food Omi beef, crucian carp sushi, sweets
Sealing Tool MAKIMONO
Designated Misaki Shigaraki, Nio Shisho

Kinoe Oumi / Shakunage (しゃくなげ) is the magical girl representative of Shiga Prefecture, accompanied by her misaki, Shigaraki and Nio Shisho. Her voice actress is Saika Ogura.

She was designed by ____.



Kinoe is a thin, pale skinned girl with large blue eyes. She has long, curled blue hair pulled into a long ponytail held by pink flower ornaments and rope of gold and red. She wears black diamond stud earrings with another diamond hanging from the bottom of it, attached to a small sphere. She has a single, large cowlick at the center of her head and her bangs are mostly brushed back - except for one strand that sticks out past her eyes.

Kinoe wears a black tank-top with a dark red choker lined by white frills to match the band around her waist. Over it is a yellow, gold, and red rope, attached to a pink floral accessory. Her skirt is a white tutu with many layers of white frills beneath it. On each arm is a fishnet sleeve with a red and white ruffled cuff attached to it. On her feet are white toed-socks with a pair of black sandals held by red and yellow straps with a kunai design at the toe. The cuff of each sock is frilly and on each leg is a fishnet stockings; with the left legs length reaching inches below the knee while the right ends inches above it.




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