On Toro's cue, Matsuri dons her magical girl outfit and flies towards the rampaging robot. However, Matsuri discovers that taking down the target isn't as easy as it looks as she struggles to aim the energy balls that she can fire on the Magatsuhi-possessed robot. The battle then moves to the nearby farmland town as the robot suddenly flies away from the city.

Matsuri once again tries to fire energy balls on the robot, but continues to miss. Toro takes a direct hit as he tries to lift Matsuri's spirits, and seeing Toro destroyed by the robot gave enough confidence to take on the robot directly. Matsuri discovers her magical powers in her fight against the robot and eventually seals the robot and the Magatsuhi inside, transforming them into snacks for the farmers below to enjoy.

Days later, Matsuri finally finishes working on Toro after he was destroyed during the fight against the Magatsuhi and she finally accepts her partnership with Toro.