To Mosuke's fright, Rin stands before several hooded figures in white, with white masks to cover their faces. Mosuke quickly senses traces of Magatsuhi in the hooded figures and urges Rin to escape, telling her that the mysterious people that have begun pursuing them are being controlled by a Magatsuhi in some way. Rin and Mosuke manage to escape, but hearing about the involvement of a Magatsuhi makes Rin consider about getting involved as someone who has chosen to become a magical girl.

Despite Mosuke's worries, Rin transforms into a magical girl and cleaves a path through the underground tunnel, disabling any threats that come her way. She makes it back to the surface and finds herself near Tokyo Tower, where more hooded figures, who call themselves part of the Yaminabe Cult, are alarmed of Rin's presence. Elsewhere, above the Tokyo Tower, is the girl in her nightmare, seemingly awaiting her arrival.