Rin barely escapes Rei's lightning attack as soon as Mosuke swoops in to block the attack. However, Rei only continued battering Rin after swatting Rin's misaki aside. Stunned from being slammed into the ground, Rin is held in place by two members of the Yaminabe Cult who anticipate Rei to deal the finishing blow. To Rin's surprise, the cultists were struck by Rei's lightning. Using the chance, Rin taps into the leylines beneath Tokyo, only to discover that Rei can do the same thing despite being a fallen magical girl. Mosuke realizes that it is not Rei that was possessed by the Magatsuhi, but this piece of information is futile in helping Rin in fending off Rei's rampage. Rei finishes off Rin by stabbing her in the chest, but a stream of energy coming from Rin douses off her powers and protected Rin from harm. As Rei makes a hasty escape, Rin discovers that it was her grandmother's amulet that saved her life.

That afternoon, Rin tearfully reunites with her grandmother and cries out her frustrations over not being able to do anything against her foes. In response, her grandmother assures Rin that she had done her best and that her feelings got through.