A series of killings happening in Ishikawa Prefecture, and a girl named Yuri Inuwashi is at the very least alarmed at hearing the local news lately. Yuri visits a certain Mr. Kijikawa, who makes a living making traditional Japanese bamboo umbrellas, and she comments on his decision of keeping a low profile despite having the skills to be famous. A middle-aged man who seems to eyeing Mr. Kijikawa's skills echoes her sentiment, but the umbrella craftsman remains adamant about his ideology about not doing his craft for the sake of money. The man soon leaves, but not until reminding Mr. Kijikawa about the killings happening in the area.

Yuri is left troubled by the stranger's words against Mr. Kijikawa. She follows the man to a chain of pubs and restaurants nearby, only to be apprehended by two other strangers.