Yuri finds herself joined by two strangers as she tries to tail the man who threatened Mr. Kijikawa. However, she easily takes them down barehanded, much to her misaki Shishiku's chagrin.

She later returns to Mr. Kijikawa, where she finds out that there are a group of men trying to take over the trademarks of the region. True enough, after some investigation of her own, Yuri discovers that the same person wants to tarnish the image of craftsmanship in the area by using various methods. Yuri finds herself repulsed by the suspicious man and decides to delve deeper into his identity.

In a meeting held somewhere, Yuri tries to capture visual evidence from a distance. There, she finds out that Mr. Kijikawa is attending the event. Although Shishiku reminds her that her powers as a magical girl is only designed to oppose the magatsuhi, Yuri decides to use her powers to ensure Mr. Kijikawa's safety.