Inside the meeting, Mr. Kijikawa goes on a talk with a Diet member who seemed to have appeared under the invitation of the suspicious man (named Mr. Sawatari). Using her abilities to turn invisible, Yuri overhears the conversation, which involves Mr. Sawatari recruiting Mr. Kijikawa into his association. Mr. Sawatari makes no effort in saying his point of view; he sees crafts and skills as a source of money, and nothing more. Realizing this, Mr. Kijikawa prepares to leave, but Mr. Sawatari's subordinates appear to block his way.

As Mr. Sawatari prepares to ask him for his approval, a mysterious creature breaks through the room. Yuri quickly identifies it as a magatsuhi and springs into action as soon as Mr. Kijikawa is put in a life-threatening situation. After making sure that Mr. Kijikawa is safe, she tracks down the Kaga lion, which is pinning down Mr. Sawatari.