Although prepared to take down the magatsuhi, Yuri wonders about why the Kaga lion became a magatsuhi in the first place. Shishiku speculates that the lion itself called out the magatsuhi so that it could punish the one who belittled the craftsmanship of the region, but he points out that the lion is a magatsuhi nonetheless. Yuri finds herself in a dilemma—to allow the Kaga lion to exact its revenge, or to save Mr. Sawatari as an exorciser of magatsuhi—as Shishiku transforms to fight the massive lion.

Eventually, Yuri decides to take on the Kaga lion and defeats it, albeit with much difficulty. Afterwards, she confronts Mr. Sawatari, reminding the man to stop forcing people regardless of his intentions.

The next day, Mr. Kijikawa returns to his usual activity as an umbrella craftsman. His latest creation, an umbrella with a moon and clouds motif, takes Yuri's interest, and she asks it from Mr. Kijikawa, who agrees to give him despite the fact that the umbrella is designed for men.