Suzuka slowly inches her way closer to Souta. Meanwhile, Ebizou discovers that there is a shrine nearby and he suggests luring Souta to that shrine to weaken the magatsuhi. Suzuka eventually goes side-by-side with Souta, and there, she tries to remind Souta of his happiness whenever he rides a motorcycle and her own happiness in seeing him enjoy his career as a race driver. Moments later, Souta snaps out of the magatsuhi's influence and skids across the street just as he approaches the shrine complex. The presence of the shrine drives away the magatsuhi from Souta's bike, with enough time for Suzuka to exorcize it. As a result, the magatsuhi transforms into bowls of Ise ebi for those nearby.

Satou eventually becomes a retiree on his consequent race due to crashing out, and Suzuka later sees him working as a delivery boy for a nearby ramen shop. Suzuka is worried that Satou has given up on his racing dream, but Ebizou points out that the end of a dream is not the end of everything. As Satou prepares to head out for a delivery, Suzuka speeds off in embarrassment, only to find Satou driving by, giving her words of encouragement in riding a bicycle.