As they head to a nearby theater, the magatsuhi continues to wear down Renka's resolve, but Ekuu quickly reminds Renka that she will be corrupted by the magatsuhi as soon as she loses sight of her purpose as a magical girl. Soon after, Ekuu confronts the magatsuhi himself while continuing to motivate Renka to keep fighting. Ekuu took a heavy beating after trying to fight the magatsuhi, leaving an anxious magatsuhi to deal with Renka's more determined stance. Ultimately, the magatsuhi falls by Renka's hand, leaving a relieved Ekuu.

Renka sees her friends as she leaves the theater and they proceed to apologize for leaving her behind lately, although they urge Renka to speak her feelings for a change. Although Renka was still her meek self, she was warmly accepted by her friends and they head off to the festival, but not until muttering thanks under her breath.