Name in Japanese 稲蔵 まい
Rōmaji Translation Inakura Mai
Appears in Tactics
Character Design Kiyacho
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 13
Birthday August 28
Hometown Akita Prefecture
Height 140.0 cm
Vital Stats 71.0/54.0/75.0
Favorite Food Rice, Don sweets, Kiritanpo pot
Sealing Tool Kanabo
Designated Misaki Oniken

Mai Inakura is a magical girl coming from the Akita Prefecture. Her misaki is Oniken.

She is voiced by ___. 



Mai is a fair-skinned young girl with large crimson eyes. Her hair is pale tan-pink and worn in low, shapely pigtails and three, very long forelocks to represent her bangs. Her attire is a simple, dark grey dress covering her feet with a pale field design at the bottom and a hood attached. The zipper at her torso rests at her stomach, exposing the black top beneath it. On each arm is a white and pale brown sleeve to match the ornament on her weapon and earrings.


Mai pretends to have a bullish-nature with others but is actually a rather shy crybaby. To her, fighting against Magatsuhi scares her deeply, but she covers it with pride to avoid worrying others.



Character DesignEdit