Tn anime mebuki
Name in Japanese 近衛めぶき
Rōmaji Translation Konoe Mebuki
Debut (Anime) Episode 21
Debut (Manga) Karasuma Zero-jo Tandai
Appears in Anime, Tactics, "Zanbatsu", "Karasuma Zero-jo Tandai"
Voice Actor (Japanese) Kotori Koiwai
Character Design TNSK
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 17
Birthday October 8
Hometown Kyoto Prefecture
Height 156 cm
Vital Stats 75/56/77
Favorite Food Sausage, Bean jam
Sealing Tool Kachō Fūgetsu
Designated Misaki Oage-san

Mebuki Konoe (近衛めぶき, Konoe Mebuki) is the magical girl representative of Kyoto Prefecture. She is voiced by Kotori Koiwai, and her misaki is Oage-San.



Mebuki is a fair-skinned girl with ruby, oval-shaped eyes. She has long, dark brown hair with a purple-tint, worn with a red crimson headband with bending pieces attached to it. Her bangs are mostly worn in a tuft to the right of her head, with a very thin, single strand going past each ear. She wears a gold gown with a large white collar that has a red ribbon pinned to the left breast. At her shoulder and below her elbow is a white fluffy cuff with a black cape-like object resembling a pair of wings. On her back is a white ribbon, attached to a black belt. She also has on a pair of slightly puffed white pants held by crimson bands at the cuff, along with crimson and black miniature boots and black tights.


From the Shinto Family, at school she seems like a girl with an attitude that is not prone to trouble, but her real nature is that of a strong-willed, prideful person who mostly relies on oneself.



She uses joined-rotating blades as her Sealing Tool.

Character DesignEdit