Iwate hoshi
Name in Japanese 星 巡
Rōmaji Translation Hoshi Meguru
Appears in Tactics
Character Design Kaoru
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 17
Birthday September 21
Hometown Iwate Prefecture
Height 160.0 cm
Vital Stats 79.0/60.0/80.0
Favorite Food Wanko Soba
Sealing Tool Wing half of Aquila
Designated Misaki Yotaka-san

Meguru Hoshi (星 巡, Hoshi Meguru) is a magical girl who represents Iwate Prefecture. She is designed by Kaoru. Her misaki is Yokata-san.



Meguru is pale skinned with thin, long, elf-like ears and half-shut, pale blue eyes. She has short silver hair adorned with a feew small bows and accessories, along with a dark ble cap with multiple objects attached to it; including a pocket watch, a violin, a train, a cartoonish cat head, a gold emblem, a crab, etc. She wears a single cross-shaped earring attached by two blue pieces.

Meguru wears a dark blue dress with a gold design at the center of her chest and fringe on each shoulder. At the center of the neck is a silver pin with a simple chain hanging from it to her right shoulder. Her belt, cuff at mid-sleeve, and material inside of her sleeves is a pattern of orange and white striping. The skirt has a galaxy design on it and appears to be very long in the back, revealing a white and black map design inside of it. On her back is a short orange cape, while on each foot is a brown shoe with white and gold stockings on top of them.


Always wearing a quiet, laughing face and shines with a magical atmosphere. Because of her pure mind, she doesn't pull off irony in fear of doing bad things to others. She's notorious for working as a fantasy writer.



Character DesignEdit