Name in Japanese 港坂 みなも
Rōmaji Translation Kousaka Minami
Appears in Tactics, Zanbatsu
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yukiyo Fujii
Character Design tsukumi
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 13
Birthday June 2
Hometown Kanagawa Prefecture
Height 146.0 cm
Vital Stats 72.0/56.0/75.0
Favorite Food Nikuman
Sealing Tool Thetis Heavy Anchor
Designated Misaki Mr. Perilley

Minamo Kousaka is a magical girl who represents Kanagawa Prefecture. Her misaki is Mr. Perilley, and she is voiced by Yukiyo Fuji.



Minamo is a young, pale-skinned girl with large blue eyes and white hair worn in a braided ponytail held by an indigo bow. She wears a white sailors cap with a black rim that has a single line of sky blue at the center and a pale blue ribbon at the bottom left corner. Pinned on the left of the hat are two white seagull feathers, attached by an anchor pin. By her bangs are two small, bright blue clips.

Her attire is reminiscent of a sailor uniform. It is composed of a cropped T-shirt lined in light blue with an upside-down V shape at her chest. Attached to the collar is a pink stone on each corner of it, and hanging from it is a long, dark blue tie. On each wrist is a white cuff lined by pale blue ruffles and a single line of dark blue at the bottom. Her shorts are white with light blue waistband and cuff. Hanging from the back is a white cloth lined in pale blue, attached to each side of the waist by a pink stone. Attached to thee tip of each corner is an anchor with a blue gem. She wears white miniature boots with loose, curled cuff and a single black strap near the top. She wears pale blue and white striped stockings with a single black belt below the cuff.




Character DesignEdit