Name in Japanese 宮門 みわ
Rōmaji Translation Kyuumon Miwa
Appears in Tactics
Character Design ((Pui
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 16
Birthday October 15
Hometown Hiroshima Prefecture
Height 157 cm
Vital Stats 80/63/84
Favorite Food Maple buns
Sealing Tool Rice paddle
Designated Misaki Torikki

Miwa is a magical girl representative of Hiroshima Prefecture. Her misaki is Torikki. She is voiced by ____.



Miwa is a young, fair-skinned girl with big blue eyes and long, pale tan hair worn in pigtails. Each pigtail is sectioned into four parts, held by gold rope. At the tip of each pigtail is black coloring. She accessories her hair with a pale red leaf. To match her eyes, she wears sky blue nail polish.

Miwa wears a loose white top held by an orange frilly ribbon tied around her neck and a thick red ribbon tied around her stomach. Her top has a red band around the chest to match the cuff and wrist of her sleeves. Her bottoms consist of a pale yellow skirt with a pattern of pale orange dots on top of a pale gold ruffled petticoat and black bike shorts. On each hip is a white feathery cloth with a band of black around it. Her shoes are dull blue with white and gold accenting. The cuff is red.




Character DesignEdit