Name in Japanese 西園寺 みやこ
Rōmaji Translation Saionji Miyako
Appears in Tactics
Character Design Iku
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 17
Birthday April 1
Hometown Kyoto Prefecture
Height 155 cm
Vital Stats 86/58/87
Favorite Food Yatsuhashi
Sealing Tool Bangasa
Designated Misaki Senji

Miyako Saionji is a magical girl representative of Kyoto Prefecture. She is voiced by ___, and her misaki is Senji.



Miyako is a pale-tanned girl with crimson eyes and long, rich brown hair pulled into a thick braid held by strings and a band towards the bottom. She has short cut bangs and thick side-locks covering her ears. At the back of her head is a yellow ribbon, and on each side of heer head is a small cone-shaped horn with a tiny flower below it attached to five tiny red petals.

She wears a white shirt with a green collar lined by yellow on top and a row of white ruffles on the bottom to match the cloth tied around the bottom of her breast. Attached to her shirt is a crimson fold skirt decorated with white flowers on the right to match the flower and bead chain below her chest. The skirt is split down the left side with multiple layers of ruffles. On each shoulder is a pink-peach sleeves with a loose, fluffy white sleeve hanging from it. On each leg is a white toed-sock with purple ribbon through the cuff and side. Her sandals are black platform with rope toe-straps.




Character DesignEdit