Name in Japanese 磐城 もも
Rōmaji Translation Iwaki Momo
Appears in Tactics, Zanbatsu
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yuki Iori
Character Design Sano
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 14
Birthday August 21
Hometown Fukushima Prefecture
Height 154.0 cm
Vital Stats 84.0/57.0/86.0
Favorite Food Yubeshi, peach, candies
Sealing Tool Ejishi
Designated Misaki Bee-san

Momo Iwaki is a magical girl who represents Fukushima Prefecture. She is voiced by Yuki Iori. Her misaki is Bee-san.



Momo is a fair-skinned girl with large lime eyes. She has long, lavender hair pulled into a thick ponytail held by a pale peach tube attached to a pink flower. She has chest-length forelocks and short cut bangs framing the upper half of her face.

She wears a white dress lined by tiny frills around the hems and dark brown around the torso and chest. A white and brown collar is attached to the top by a lime green bow with a pink gem in the center, while her long, loose white sleeves hang with two brown straps. Her dress is split below the chest to reveal a pink, flower-shaped bottom half with a pale yellow gradient. On each hand is a lime glove held by a ring on her middle finger. She wears socks of white and pale yellow with a pink flower cuff adorned with a grass-green bow. Her sandals are brown platform with gold lining and straps of lilac and magenta.


A polite girl with strong sense of justice. Given her straightforward personality, she's often scolded by her misaki as being prone to be a little runaway. She can be cold at times but still remain valiant with a girly side. She's attracted to cute things with a sweet charm to it.



Character DesignEdit