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Name in Japanese 栖立 鳴海
Rōmaji Translation Sudachi Narumi
Appears in Tactics
Character Design Nabeshi
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 14
Birthday June 3
Hometown Tokushima Prefecture
Height 157.0 cm
Vital Stats 84.0/58.0/83.0
Favorite Food Soba
Sealing Tool Citrus Stick
Designated Misaki Hi-san

Narumi Sudachi is the representative magical girl of Tokushima Prefecture, fighting alongside her companion misaki Hi-san.

She was designed by ___ and was voiced by ___.



Narumi is fair skinned with bright, light blue eyes. She has long white hair with a pale blue gradience pulled into wavy pigtails to match her thin forelocks. Her bangs are smoothly brushed on each side of her face, except for the middle section. On the top of her head, she wears a light brown, leafy cap with a blue hood behind it, attached to the ruffled blue and dark blue bow at her neck. On the top of her head is a blue rabbit-ear bow with thin ribbons strewn from it.

Narumi wears a white dress made of many components. The main portion is a revealing white dress with pale blue designs around the hem and a pleated skirt. On top of it is a white dress split down the center, lined in dark blue with three large looped pieces of material on top of her main dress, with dark blue material covering the center of her breasts. A dark blue ribbon is tied around her upper torso, while a thick white ribbon is tied on her back, with the material directly below her breast. A long, ruffled white cape is attached to her skirt. On each arm is a melon, yellow, and pale teal gradient sleeve. She wears blue gradient boots with a dark blue and white bow at the tongue of each one. The heel and bottom is deep blue, white ribbon is sewn through the cuff.




Character DesignEdit

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