Name in Japanese 白鳥 音緒
Rōmaji Translation Shiratori Neo
Appears in Tactics, Zanbatsu
Voice Actor (Japanese) Shiori Mikami
Character Design comin
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 14 years old
Birthday September 23
Hometown Aomori Prefecture
Height 154.0 cm
Vital Stats 73.0/54.0/77.0
Favorite Food Apple, Ohma's Tuna
Sealing Tool Shamisen Takaoka
Designated Misaki Tamenobu

Neo Shiratori (白鳥 音緒, Shiratori Neo) is a magical girl who represents Aomori Prefecture. She is designed by comin and voiced by Shiori Mikami.



Neo has fair skin and pink eyes with very long, matching pink hair. She wears it in pigtails looped at the bottom of her head, held with purple straps. Her bangs are short in the center with the forelocks covering her ears. To the side of her head are two large red bells resembling cherries.

Neo wears a white pleat dress with dark grey in each of the pleats with a floral pattern. Around her waist is a ribbon of purple and blue with gold rope tied into bows on top of it, while underneath her skirt are two frilly white petticoats. Around her chest and neck is a flowing, frilly pale red and white cloth with a bow on her beck and lace material attached to the gold rope at her neck. On each hand is a pale pink lace glove. Her boots are white with two large pleats matching her dress design around the cuff. The bottom is dark brown, while the material on her foot is pale red. Around each ankle is a cherry bell attached by brown anklets.


Neo is a quiet girl who does things at her own pace. She is also always positive and can be seen with a smile that nothing can take away from her. Her excessively nonchalant personality earns her a nickname "Granny" from her misaki Tamenobu, but Tamenobu himself doesn't seem to mind. Neo likes festivals, and she always participates in the Aomori Nebuta festival without fail.



Character DesignEdit