Name in Japanese 雨切レイ
Rōmaji Translation Amagiri Rei
Debut (Anime) Episode 07
Appears in Anime, Tactics
Voice Actor (Japanese) Suzuko Mimori
Character Design mizu
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 15
Birthday June 6
Hometown Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Height 158 cm
Vital Stats 89/60/87
Favorite Food Cream puff
Sealing Tool Recollections
Designated Misaki Tipi

Rei Amagiri (雨切レイ, Amagiri Rei) is a magical girl designated in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.

Rei carries a strong sense of responsibility and has a courageous character. She once fell into darkness after being blamed by the people for failing to protect those attacked by magatsuhi, but later regains her normal self after Tokyo underwent a purification ceremony.

Unlike her fellow magical girl Rin Kobari, Rei is a fallen magical girl who antagonizes other magical girls. Her misaki is unknown (may be the bird that stays close to her), and she fights using a lance-type Sealing Tool in the form of Tokyo Tower. In later episodes, she fought the lone magical girl from Kyoto named Mebuki Konoe and seems have the ability to absorb multiple energy sources around the city. But Konoe and Oage-san, with the help of the private investigator Azuki, cuts the energy sources around the city, ultimately weakened her and defeated her, regaining her senses.

After that incident, Rei continues to fight the magatsuhi, this time, carrying the deep regret of having injured those around her. Still, fragments of her dark side manifest from time to time, giving her a frightening facet of character.