Renka ariake concept
Name in Japanese 有明 煉華
Rōmaji Translation Ariake Renka
Debut (Anime) Episode 18
Appears in Anime, Tactics, "Zanbatsu"
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yuka Terasaki
Character Design Mochikin
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 14 years old
Birthday September 24
Hometown Kumamoto Prefecture (possibly in Yamaga)
Height 157 cm
Vital Stats 80/57/85
Favorite Food Ikinari dango, pomelo
Sealing Tool Higosou
Designated Misaki Ekuu

Renka Ariake (有明 煉華, Ariake Renka) / Ren (れん) is the local magical girl of Kumamoto Prefecture, fighting alongside her misaki named Ekuu. She is voiced by Yuka Terasaki and is designed by Mochikin.



Renka is a young, pale-skinned girl with large eyes; the right being sky blue, while the left is pink. She has short white hair with thick bangs mostly brushed towards the left of her face with a single, curled forelock placed before each ear. She has what appears to be large black odango-caps with gold designs all over them and a large element coming from them, resembling pigtails. Out of the left cap is a large flame, while the right contains water.

She wears a pink and black dress with a floral-shaped tutu skirt. The top is pale blue-white with a row of three buttons at the center and a piece of brown and white material covering her back. At the center of her chest is a pink flower with ribbon tails attached to it, coming in cyan and black. She wears sharp brown and white heeled boots with a loose, petal-shaped cuff that comes in a gradience of blue, pale yellow, brown, and white.


Renka is a girl known for being overbearing to herself and for her stubborn sense of justice. She is usually taciturn as a normal girl, but she becomes a bit more talkative with a strong Kumamoto dialect as soon as she transforms. Because Renka does not smile that often, one must have an approachable aura, but only those who are good friends with her can see her smile.



Transformation Incantation: "Resting in the mists of Yae... O hazy flames, which light the path ahead, lead on, with diligent effort. This I humbly, humbly beseech thee!"

Character DesignEdit