Rin kobari
Name in Japanese 小張 凛
Rōmaji Translation Kobari Rin
Debut (Anime) Episode 07
Appears in Anime series, Tactics, Zanbatsu
Voice Actor (Japanese) Rie Murakawa
Character Design Ochau
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 13 years old
Birthday April 9
Hometown Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Height 154.0cm
Vital Stats 75.0/55.0/78.0
Favorite Food Anmitsu (syrup-covered bean jam and fruit)
Sealing Tool Petit Bon Heur (lance-type weapon)
Designated Misaki Mosuke

Rin Kobari (小張 凛, Kobari Rin) / Kobarin (こばりん, Kobarin) is a magical girl who hails from the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. She is accompanied by her companion misaki Mosuke. Rin is designed by Ochau and voiced by Rie Murakawa.


Rin is a bespectacled girl with long dark-colored hair and a conservative fashion sense. Her lady-like aura stems from her background as a girl raised in a traditional Japanese family.[1] Aside from being an obedient grandchild to her grandmother she possesses a strong sense of responsibility and is willing to help others as a normal girl or as a magical girl. Unlike some other magical girls who were forced to take on the duty of being a magical girl, Rin wholeheartedly chose to become one after her meeting with Mosuke and has been living with the timid shikigami ever since.

Her hometown of Tokyo is home to two magical girls, the other, named Rei Amakiri, assuming an antagonistic alignment towards Rin. One famous landmark of Tokyo, the Tokyo Tower, is also a key site of leyline activity, which has been targeted by the Magatsuhi-controlled Yaminabe Cult.


  • Leyline Boost - Using the power of the leylines in her locale, Rin can boost her power to take on more difficult opponents. When using this ability she recites the following incantation: "Gods of the heavens, gods of this land. Serve the Emperor. So that all the universe may prosper eternally!"

Character DesignEdit

Key details:

  • Ginkgo biloba autumn leaves design (also the official symbol of Tokyo) on the sleeves of Rin's costume
  • A round floral kanzashi to hold her hair
  • Motifs of the Tokyo Sky Tree and the bladder-cherry in Rin's Sealing Tool
  • A length of string tied with the traditional Edo braid on Rin's collar
  • The seal of Tokyo in the sash of Rin's dress
  • A piece of Edo-kiriko (faceted glass from Tokyo) ornament on her back


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