Name in Japanese 竹原 りん
Rōmaji Translation Takehara Rin
Appears in Zanbatsu
Voice Actor (Japanese) Rei Mochizuki
Character Design Sasamori Tomoe
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday Gifu Prefecture

Rin Takehara / I@ Chikurin (I@ちくりん, Ai Chikurin) is a magical girl coming from the Aichi Prefecture. Her misaki is ___. She is voiced by Rei Mochizuki. 


Rin has fair skin and long, platinum blonde hair worn with a black and yellow headband. Her eyes are light green.

She wears a black skin-tight top with lines of thin pale yellow and bands of white wrap. Between her neck and shoulder, and at her chest are two slits in the material. The lower breast and torso is colored white to match the collar at the neck, which has a pale gold bow attached to it. Her lower half consists of spandex shorts with the same pale yellow line detail. On top of it is a fade purple material with a flap circling the sides and back. Inches from this is a gold and black disc on each side of the body with small glowing rings circling it. To match her outfit, Rin wears black tight boots lined by pale yellow.



Character DesignEdit