Name in Japanese 姫野 せとか
Rōmaji Translation Himeno Setoka
Appears in Tactics, Zanbatsu
Voice Actor (Japanese) Rumi Ookubo
Character Design Ino
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 13
Birthday February 20
Hometown Ehime Prefecture
Height 140.0 cm
Vital Stats 74.0/58.0/77.0
Favorite Food Grandma's Tai meshi, six o'clock shop tart, tangerine
Sealing Tool Kazuri's lighting brush
Designated Misaki Kojoro

Setoka Himeno / Manahime is a magical girl who represents Ehime Prefecture. She is voiced by Rumi Ookubo. Her misaki is Kojoro.



Setoka is fair-skinned with bright orange eyes and long, pale platinum blonde hair pulled into a thin ponytail held by a dark blue band lined by white. Her bangs are short cut in the center, with short forelocks layered on top of longer, thin pieces of hair covering her ears. Around her ponytail is a white floral ornament.

Setoka wears a bright orange leotard covering her body. The dress she wears is navy-blue with white line designs around the skirt and a dark teal and gold ribbon tied around her waist. The skirt is split on each side, revealing her hips. Over her chest and neck the material is dark blue with an orange drawn design, visible beneath a white, orange, and navy vest. On each arm is a dark blue glove, while her white boots reach her ankles and are lined in orange. Three, pale blue circles trace her lower half.




Character DesignEdit