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Name in Japanese 天下 統
Rōmaji Translation Amashita Subaru
Appears in Tactics
Character Design Inori Kokei
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 8
Birthday June 10
Hometown Aichi Prefecture
Height 132 cm
Vital Stats 67/52/69
Favorite Food Cookies, milk tea
Sealing Tool Seto-dyed grilled stick
Designated Misaki Nobunaga-san

Subaru Amashita is a magical girl coming from the Aichi Prefecture. Her misaki is Nobunaga-san.

She is voiced by ___. 


Subaru is a fair-skinned girl with pale red eyes and very long, white hair worn in pigtails held by purple ribbons. She has noticeable small, light purple blushed cheeks. Her outfit is mainly composed of an oversized, black gown reminiscent of a kimono lined by pale red fluffy material. Her legs are revealed and are composed of brown shoes and small white bandages around her ankles. Around her waist is a white band held by a thin, light green string, while on her back is a large purple ribbon. The collar resembles that of a sailor fuku and is pale purple.



Character DesignEdit