Suzuka Kamiki
Name in Japanese 神木 鈴花
Rōmaji Translation Kamiki Suzuka
Debut (Anime) Episode 15
Appears in Anime, Tactics, "Zanbatsu"
Voice Actor (Japanese) Mikako Komatsu
Character Design Gin
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 14
Birthday May 5
Hometown Mie Prefecture
Height 155 cm
Vital Stats 79/55/77
Favorite Food Jumbo strawberry parfait
Abilities High-speed transportation
Sealing Tool Magical Fortune
Designated Misaki Ebizou

Suzuka Kamiki (神木 鈴花, Kamiki Suzuka) / Magical Triple (マジカル三重県, Magikaru Toripuru) is the local magical girl of Mie Prefecture, assisted by her misaki Ebizou. She is voiced by Mikako Komatsu.



Suzuka is a fair-skinned girl with small, oval-shaped eyes of pale brown. Her cream hair is in a boyish cut and worn with a large orange cap with a brown visor for the eye piece. Coming out of the cap is a long portion of hair on each side of her head, curled so far down to reach her hips. She has short stub eyebrows.

Her attire consists of an orange one-piece outfit with a zipper going down the center, attached to a medallion piece at the center, below her breast. Each breast is held by a seperate place material, matching the accenting on top of her chest and neck, along with white. Sewn onto the outfit are long white gloves to match the tights; one of which has a pattern of orange diamonds. Around her waist is a large, thick piece of white ruffled material held by peach-colored ribbon. On each side of it is a big white wheel, attached to a semi-transparent orange piece. She wears tight, tall white boots accented by black and light orange. On each shoe are two orange and black wheels.


Suzuka is raised as a young prietress in her family's shrine. By having a rather easygoing personality, she speaks in a rather childish diction. Her burning passion towards motor sports was so strong that she once went to Suzuka Circuit during holidays to watch motor racing.



When transformed into a magical girl, she boasts speed while allowing her attitude and tone to pound itself all of sudden. Transformation Incantation: "Traveling across countless emotions, 1,000 leagues under the shining heavens, beyond Ise. Rush forth with the fury of a lion, this I humbly, humbly beseech thee!"

Character DesignEdit