Name in Japanese 雪ミク
Rōmaji Translation Yukimiku
Appears in Magica Wars Tactics
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 17 years old
Birthday August 31
Hometown Hokkaido Region
Height 158.0 cm
Vital Stats Secret/Secret/Secret
Favorite Food Hokkaido delicacies
Sealing Tool Magical Snow Stick
Designated Misaki Rabbit Yukine

Yuki-miku (雪ミク, Yuki-miku) is a magical girl who is introduced to promote Hokkaido as a magical girl alongside her misaki Rabbit Yukine. She is based on the Vocaloid Miku Hatsune.



Yuki-Miku has light tanned skin with big, ice blue eyes and matching hair pulled into large pigtails held by loose, royal blue ribbons. Strewn through her hair are large white snowflake designs, while on the top of her head is a white witch hat with a design around the middle. Attached to it is an indigo bow with a snowflake sewn at the center. A bright blue sphere hangs from the point of the hat. She has white nail polish.

She wears a white top lined in pale indigo with a diamond shape at the tip of each point, lined by curled line designs. At the top of her shirt is a pale indigo collar lined in white with a gold tie attached to it, held by a crystal music note. Her skirt is a three layer, with the top a pale blue lace barely visible over an indigo pleated skirt with a pale blue spiked hem design. Underneath of this is a plain white petticoat. On each hand is an indigo fingerless glove and piece of material held by a white band. She wears black tights and indigo shoes with a loose, large white cuff. Around her shoulders is a long flowing white cape lined by pale indigo.




Character DesignEdit