Yuri inuwashi concept
Name in Japanese 犬鷲由里
Rōmaji Translation Inuwashi Yuri
Debut (Anime) Episode 11
Appears in Anime, Tactics, "Zanbatsu"
Voice Actor (Japanese) Ryouko Shintani
Character Design Aoji
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 16 years old
Birthday December 6
Hometown Ishikawa prefecture
Height 168.0cm
Vital Stats 84.0/61.0/86.0 cm
Favorite Food White rice, meat, sweet bean jelly
Abilities Close-quarters combat
Sealing Tool Raishinko (Hand-blade type sword)
Designated Misaki Shishiku

Yuri Inuwashi (犬鷲由里, Inuwashi Yuri) / Magia Furumine (マジア・フルミネ, Majia Furumine) is a character in the Magica Wars franchise and the representative magical girl of Ishikawa prefecture. Her companion misaki is Shishiku. Her voice actress is Ryouko Shintani.



Yuri is a tall, pale-skinned girl wearing a white hat with a green visor piece and black accents covering the upper portion of her face. Hanging from it are beads and straps. She wears a white outfit, reminiscent of a kimono with a black and gold piece around the middle. Around the shoulder is a dark purple ribbon tied into a bow, while the sleeves have long, loose pieces of material streaming from them with a floral design. White covers the legs and arms with black and gold accenting. The bottom of the shoes are bright green and cyan.


Yuri is a high school girl who takes an interest in traditional art and tinkering with machines. She has a somewhat rough manner of speaking, and often wonders about being a magical girl at her age.



In combat, she shines in close quarters, using her Sealing Tool Raishinko (雷針鼓, lit., "lightning bolt rouser") to stab, pierce and slice through her enemies, although she is also capable of using long-ranged magic by riding Shishiku on stormy weather.

Transformation Incantation: "Opening the gates to the sound of Heaven's thunderclap. Adorned with gold and silver, act courageously, with an air of dignified majesty! This I humbly, humbly beseech thee!"

Character DesignEdit